La Brisa Rewards Members




As a member of the La Brisa Rewards, here are some of the benefits you will receive.

  • Earn Points – 1 point for every dollar spent at participating La Brisa locations.
  • Welcome Reward – $25 Reward automatically added to your account upon registration.*
  • Birthday Reward – $25 Reward which can be redeemed during your birthday month.
  • Gift Cards - Earn points when you purchase gift cards.
  • Online Access – 24-hour access to your account to review transactions, point balances and rewards.
  • Email Notifications – You will receive information about rewards and other important club news.
  • Faster Delivery of Rewards – Rewards are automatically added to your account, so no more paper gift certificates!
  • Member-only access to special offers and promotions.

* Welcome Reward benefit is not applicable for accounts where the $25 enrollment fee has been waived.


We want to make it easy for anyone to enroll and enjoy being a La Brisa Rewards member.

To enroll at a restaurant, ask a host, hostess or server for a La Brisa Rewards card. A $25 enrollment fee will be charged to you at the restaurant at the time you receive your card. Once you are given your card, you can start earning points immediately!
A $25 Welcome Reward will be added to your account once it has been registered online through the La Brisa website.


Registering Your Account

When you receive your La Brisa Rewards Card, you will be instructed to visit our website to Register Your Account. You cannot redeem rewards until you have registered online. You will earn one point per dollar spent on food, beverage and gift card purchases at any of our participating restaurants (excluding tax, tip, discounts, and redeemed gift cards).

Points and Rewards

Points may only be earned at the time of purchase. Having your Rewards Card with you makes it easier for us to find your account in a timely manner. If you do not bring your Card with you to the restaurant, we will locate your account by entering the telephone number you gave us at the time of registration.

When 250 points are earned, those points are converted into a $25 Earned Reward. Points over that amount will not be converted. For example, spending $255 in eligible purchases (255 points) would earn one $25 Earned Reward with five points remaining to be used toward the next $25 Earned Reward.
All points are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Earned Rewards are valid for 12 months from the date issued. Birthday Rewards expire on the last day of your birthday month and must be used in entirely in one visit.


Every time you earn 250 points, a $25 reward will be automatically added to your account. The $25 Reward will be applied at your next visit .

Earned Rewards may only be used for Food & Non-Alcohol purchases. Earned rewards can not be redeemed on beer, wine, liquor, tax, tip, redeemed gift cards.

Redeeming Special Rewards

Welcome Reward - To activate your $25 Welcome Reward to be redeemed in one of our restaurants, you must first Register Your Account online. Once your account is registered, the reward will be added to your La Brisa Rewards account and can be redeemed for Food and Non-Alcohol purchases only.

Birthday Reward - Your $25 Birthday Reward will be added to your account on the first day of your birthday month and applied only to your first visit to one of our locations. Your $25 Birthday Reward can only be used once and will be applied to your check even if your eligible purchases are below $25. For example, If you only have $20 in eligible purchases (Food & Non-Alcohol) and your Birthday Reward is queued,  the additional $5 will be forfeited. Checks where eligible purchases exceed $25, Birthday Rewards will be used in full. Your Birthday Reward will expire on the last day of your birthday month and can only be applied towards Food & Non-Alcohol purchases only. If you join during the month of your birthday, your birthday reward will automatically be added to your account 24 hours after your account is registered. Regardless of sign-up date, the Birthday Reward will expire on the last day of your birthday month.

Your La Brisa Rewards card should be presented when you dine to ensure that your account is credited with your visit. If you forget your card, you can provide your server with the phone number on your account to earn points and redeem rewards. Valid ID will be required to redeem a reward if your La Brisa Rewards card is not presented.

If you have any questions regarding the La Brisa Rewards Program, Please email Thanks

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